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Welcome to Covenant Christian School


Celebrating 38 years of Faith and Learning in the South Bay Communities!


"It is our job as Christian educators to teach those who belong to Christ the things that will encourage them to wish to belong to Christ with all the heart and mind. That is to say, it is our task to develop the minds and hearts of the children of the covenant of God's grace so that they will want to be self-conscious Christians as they develop to full maturity."

Cornelius Van Til, from an address given to a group of Christian school teachers in Paterson, New Jersey.

Now Enrolling!

Are you tired of crowded classrooms, the lack of individual attention, or a education system that does not reflect your Christian values?

Are you skeptical of the new Common Core curriculum and prefer your children learn the wonders of God's Creation through a Christ-centered curriculum?

Are you looking for a high-value and affordable education for your children at very reasonable tuition?

Then congratulations! You have found a home at Covenant Christian School!

We are now enrolling students for the 2014-2015 Academic year, and we offer you the following education benefits at a very reasonable tuition. 

  • A rigorous Christ-centered curriculum

  • Low teacher-to-student ratio

  • Tuition rates that are of great value and very affordable

  • After-school tutoring and daycare

  • Teachers who are committed to communicating a Biblical worldview of all of God's Creation.

Take a look at our Tuition and Fee Schedule for the 2014-2015 Academic year, and then email me, , or call me to arrange a visit.

We have been helping Christian parents fulfill their responsibilities to teach their children in the ways of the Lord for nearly 38 years!

Your search for a high quality, Christ-centered education has finally ended!

  The Class of 2014!

 “Equipping for Life”

Because 18 years goes by in the blink of an eye, and you want your children well‐prepared for the complexities of life.

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